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Just Wrap! Ultimate furniture makeover solution.

Do you have in your home such items as, a chair, a cabinet or that piece of furniture that you really like, but is old, damaged or the colour doesn’t fit the theme of your room anymore and you just want to save it somehow from the bin?

Well, if you do, we created a product line that solves this problem, is affordable, easy to achieve, fun as a DIY project and helps you protect the environment by reusing.

To fit the new rug, you brought from last trip to India, you don’t need to throw the old side table away. All you need to do is find a Furniture Wrap that match well with your new style. It’s easier then you can imagine: just peel and apply. With furniture stickers, all the mess and troubles you get from painting are now gone. Not to mention the time and money you save.


We call our product Furniture Wrap and it consists of self-adhesive PVC stickers specially created for furniture. And not only that you can choose from lots of designs, but you can also mix them together, make it look the way you like it, using your imagination and style you will discover what a great designer you are.

That cupboard left by the previous tenant, the bookshelf that started peeling or that old IKEA side table, all can be transformed with our Furniture Wrap stickers, giving your room a completely different look and feel.

We all desire for pretty things and our taste changes from time to time, but the budget is just not always there and that is why Walplus self-adhesive stickers are available in a variety of interesting, inspirational colourways and patterns. The opportunity to establish your style in your room, your entire home is now available at a cheap, affordable price.

Walplus Furniture Wrap series represents the perfect product to use for changing the look of your furniture, your room, your entire home.

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